How to use Snakes to Speed up SW Without Slowing Down the Time To Market

If your application needs near real-time processing or low-latency performances, the concept of a distributed platform or Edge Computing may ...
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Mipi Phy

The first step is now taken on the new MIPI A-PHY

We have taken our first steps on the new MIPI A-PHY specification, aiming for the automotive industry. Ethernet is becoming ...
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Ethernet to transfer large amount of data

Bit-UDP Ethernet -1G IP/UDP full HW stack transmitter / receiver

To efficiently transfer large amount of data and off-load the embedded processor, BitSim is offering its IP core, Bit-1G-UDP Ethernet ...
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The MIPI Alliance has started a collaboration with experts from the automotive industry

BitSim is a member of the MIPI Alliance (, an influential standardization organization within the mobile industry which has successfully ...
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3.500.000 BADGE, BitSims’ 2D graphics accelerator IP, out there somewhere around the world!

Until today, more than 3,5 million devices with an on-board BADGE have been shipped, both as ASSP/processors and and as ...
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BitSim’s IP, Bit-MIPI CSI-2 used in Flir’s new generataion of thermal cameras, the EXX-Series

Flir Systems is using BitSim’s FPGA-IP, Bit-MIPI CSI-2 in their newly launched advanced thermal cameras. Read more. The MIPI Alliance, ...
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