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BitSim is a member of the MIPI Alliance (www.mipi.org),

an influential standardization organization within the mobile industry which has successfully developed a number of industry standards for well-used interfaces for camera sensors, displays, storage, power and audio et al. Since some time, a collaboration has been initiated by companies active in the automotive industry, with both car manufacturers and subcontractors, to enhance existing or to develop new interface specifications for automotive applications. For short distances in camera applications, MIPI CSI-2 is already used in the automotive industry. BitSim has its own IP block, Bit-MIPI CSI-2 (länk), used by customers in different industry segments. Now, this cooperation will cover longer distances, up to 15 m, for camera and radar sensors. Since there will be up to eight cameras in modern cars in the near future, the 40 cm that MIPI CSI-2 can handle today is not enough.