Reference Projects

Stereo Camera

Digital Stereo Camera Module

In one of our camera projects we developed the electronics for an extremely compact digital camera, just 20 x 110 mm. The camera’s CMOS sensors have a high resolution and high density with a Global Shutter. When the project started, this state-of-the art sensor was not on the open market. The camera data is transmitted … Continue reading Digital Stereo Camera Module

Dashboard for Trucks

In this project we were asked to replace an old dashboard, with a traditional gauge, with a digital colour display with new electronics. The design was realised by adapting one of our own well-prepared building blocks; BADGE. BADGE is an IP block that can be cost-effectively adapted to a number of graphic design applications to … Continue reading Dashboard for Trucks

Seismic Detector

We have developed a high resolution digital seismic acquisition system with sensors collecting and storing geo data. The detector is used at great depths in oceans and seas and has been produced by us in high volumes. The design has a number of custom features. Various functions are spread over several circular circuit boards to … Continue reading Seismic Detector

High Resolution Thermal Cameras

We have developed several generations of boards to be used as design platforms in a line of security cameras. These cameras must deliver images 24 hours a day, all week, and all year round. Therefore, all platforms are designed to perform, in daylight as well as in darkness, with a flexible performance that can adapt … Continue reading High Resolution Thermal Cameras

Burglar Alarm

We have designed a burglar alarm consisting of a glass-break detector and control unit. The alarm was developed from tough requirements: There was no tolerance for false alarms but yet the sensor had to be small in size with extremely low power consumption and a cost-effective production. This particular sensor is extremely good at detecting … Continue reading Burglar Alarm

Small Digital Movie Camera

The basic idea was to design the smallest and lightest movie camera with no compromising on movie quality or recording capability. The small film camera is an excellent alternative for filming in environments where it is not possible to bring a big heavy camera. For maximum image quality the camera uses a RAW image format, … Continue reading Small Digital Movie Camera

Safety Alarm for Elderly

We have developed a complete system for personal alarms for the elderly and others. What is unique about it is that it works both indoors and outdoors. The user wears the alarm unit, resembling a bracelet watch, and the alarm works like a traditional indoor personal security alarm. It also works just as well when … Continue reading Safety Alarm for Elderly

Rental Bike System

We developed all the electronics and embedded SW used for a new type of rental bike system. The design consists of a tracking function, lock-management, and control functions for the rental bike operator. The unique feature is that the bike can be parked anywhere instead of the specified stand for bicycles. The bike is rented … Continue reading Rental Bike System

GPS-tracking in Real Time

In this customer driven project we were involved in developing the electronics for a tracker that is used to track e.g. children and dogs in real-time. The tracker communicates with a mobile network and navigation GPS satellites. The tracker works together with a smartphone app and tracks with a precision of a few meters. The … Continue reading GPS-tracking in Real Time