Digital Stereo Camera Module

In one of our camera projects we developed the electronics for an extremely compact digital camera, just 20 x 110 mm. The camera’s CMOS sensors have a high resolution and high density with a Global Shutter. When the project started, this state-of-the art sensor was not on the open market. The camera data is transmitted with a frame rate of over 160 frames/s to a PC via an USB3 interface for further processing. The design form is extremely small if we look at all the features and components that this camera is equipped with.
Several building blocks of the project can be re-used and further developed for other camera applications.

Examples of applications are equipment for medtech, automotive and security. Certain image and meta data information is locally processed in an FPGA inside the camera. For example, lense distorsion correction, contrast enhancement, shadowing removal or panorama could easily be added. The USB3 interface can also be used for other data management systems that need efficient data transmission.